A Girl From the Past

A Girl From the Past

By:  Apollona  Ongoing
Language: English
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He was so stubborn, adamant not to marry the girl he had never encountered with. She was left alone standing at the altar, humiliated. Her betrothed left her alone on their wedding day. Eight years later, they finally locked eyes. In the most stupid place and even more stupid condition. The worst part? He fell in love with her. Hard. He had to start from below zero, making up his mistakes for a girl from the past. Wouldn't stop until she accepts him anymore. But we know trouble always gets in the way. A big one. This may sound like a fight he could never win.

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Is there going to be an update? It’s been awhile
2021-04-03 20:22:21
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Great work Author, I'm loving the plot ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
2020-11-14 02:39:16
49 Chapters
Chapter 1
To think that life was easy, it was so wrong. Savannah realized how naive she was as a little girl, always been spoiled by her parents and relatives. As she grew older, she began to feel more understanding.The more she aged, the more weight of responsibilities being put on both her shoulders. Imagining about it was a lot easier than actually experiencing it.She began to understand.Even her now cold feet was nothing compared to the things await her in the future. It was only the beginning of her tales. People say that real-life begins right after someone graduated high school. They were not so wrong after all.The magnificent castle she built in her head, consists of the things she wanted to achieve suddenly just vanished in a matter of seconds. It went downhill starting right after she turned eighteen.Hardships in life didn't make her falter anymore. She was so used to take care of things carefully. Mistake after mistake mad
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Chapter 2
Savannah was sick the next morning. She was sneezing badly and felt weak to her entire body. Her cousin, Janette Easton was beside her, currently taking care of her.Savannah was thankful that she had such a caring cousin. She couldn't have asked for the better one.Yesterday, as soon as that man muttered his name. Savannah just flew from the scene, practically throwing him his umbrella back without saying other words. He was a bit confused, but she didn't care.Savannah just sighed as she sneezed again.Janette had forced her to drink the warm water she had just taken from the kitchen, while Savannah grumbled about not being thirsty anymore. Janette set the glass down after she was satisfied that Savannah had drunk half of it.Janette proceeded to sit beside her, now began mumbling about her three years of boyfriend, Brandon Williams."He canceled another date yesterday," Janette grumbled. "You know what? I honestly
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Chapter 3
Savannah came to work on Monday morning. She had spent her entire weekend reading about their work contract, over and over again. She was just so excited to work there. This was the first time she worked at another company that wasn't her father's, and what made it more amazing was the fact that Techno Inc. was one famous company.Peeking a little at the glassy and shiny door, Savannah tried to hold the grin that threatened to spread across her face. She scolded herself a little and told herself to act normal before they think that she was insane.She arrived too soon in the morning, but she didn't really care. It gave her more time to inspect the magnificent tall building in front of her.As soon as she satisfied inspecting the building, she carefully began entering it. It was still so silent, only a few people were inside. Some glanced at her, then went back to whatever they were doing, and some were didn't really care.To say Savannah w
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Chapter 4
Savannah came to work like yesterday. She had gotten to know a few employees there and greeted them this morning, including Andrew. She had a particularly good feeling about him, that he was to be a good partner at work just fine.Savannah began to scribble down some notes. The secretary had given her the schedule of some people that going to have a business talk with their boss. She remembered that he was going to show up at the office today, and she made sure to make a great first impression.Savannah was scanning the schedule as her ears suddenly caught the sound of the commotion, people were scattered around trying to get in their place.Savannah looked up to find a familiar figure in the entrance, his eyes seemed strict and calculating as he gazed at everyone. The sound of his shoes hitting the floor was resonating in the room as the other employees busying themselves with their work, hoping that they won't get scolded.Lucas Hernande
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Chapter 5
A week was enough to get used to the situation in the office: Mr. Hernandez sudden inspection of some undisciplines, fired employees, and some threats. Though, he didn't do the inspection often, he somehow managed to know which employee that didn't obey to his rules. Rules were made for a reason, and in this company, they were made to develop it into a better one by the good human resources. She had gotten to know Andrew better around that week, taking his offer to have lunch together and some coffe after work. At times, he even came into the office and brought her a cup of coffe so that she wouldn't feel sleepy at work. Savannah was grateful for that. Savannah looked around as she searched for a certain tall figure. After satisfied that he wasn't around, she began to open her phone and made a video call to a certain person. She had just done her task and was free at the moment. She expected to have
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Chapter 6
Savannah prepared herself the next for two days, looking for an excuse, but her mind came up with nothing. So, she told herself just to go with the flow.They were having a trip to another city nearby, who knew maybe she could mutilate and feed his remains to the wolves somewhere? Savannah chuckled at her own dark thoughts, shaking her head.That was until Andrew came and pulled her out of her own little world, staring at her thirsty expression weirdly. He immediately shoved the cup of coffee into her hands, which she accepted with a small surprised smile.He was like a coffee buddy for her."Good luck with your first business trip for this company," Andrew said, patting her shoulder. Savannah raised her eyebrow, muttering a small, "thanks."She was in sitting on the sofa, waiting for the boss to pick her up. A bag consist of her necessity was packed neatly beside her feet.Andrew nodded at her and got inside his own
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Chapter 7
Savannah's eyes shot open in alarm. She couldn't move her body! Still, in her slightly sleepy state, she tried again to thrash around, forcing what seemed to be a heavy, weight off her body.Savannah stopped for a moment, she blinked her eyes to adjust to the faint light coming from the dashboard car. As her eyes finally regained its eyesight back, she frantically looking around.Suddenly, a loud scream was heard throughout the entire region, scaring a few birds away as they flew from the trees nearby.Mr. Hernandez's own eyes shot awake upon the noise, he immediately went into action as he frantically exited the passenger seat and forced open the car backseat.Two people stumbled out of the car, Savannah luckily was on top of the much bigger man, so that her small frame wouldn't get crushed.Savannah groaned as she tried to stand up. The man below her struggled to pull his body up as well, looking at the two people in front of him wi
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Chapter 8
It was growling viciously while munching on whatever that was in its mouth. Even Mr. Hernandez had to take a step back. Once the whole thing was swallowed, the attention was immediately on them, it began to walk forward calculatingly, making them couldn't help but backed away.Out of nowhere, the beast suddenly lurched toward the unsuspecting Savannah, almost knocked her down into the ground. In the end, she still fell to the ground due to shock. She screamed loudly.Mr. Hernandez's eyes widened as he tried to approach them, wishing that he could do something before it ripped Savannah's flesh out. He directed the lamp at them carefully.Only to find something unexpected.Savannah was giggling while the huge wild cat in her lap purred at her excitedly. Mr. Hernandez breathed out a sigh of relief. He was about to get a heart attack at the thought of witnessing one of his employees be a dish to the vicious animal.As he slowly appr
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Chapter 9
Savannah woke up to find that she was placed in the passenger seat and the car was speeding fast. The hobo man even had gotten a bag of snacks, popping the content to his mouth while he fed the cat as well.Savannah was offered the bag of snack by Mr. Hernandez, saying that they couldn't stop by a restaurant due to not wanting to be late. Savannah accepted it, nodding.Mr. Hernandez had walked by himself this morning to buy fuel from a nearby village. Savannah was sleeping, so was the hobo man. He didn't want to wake up them. He had gotten them a few snacks as well to fill their empty stomach.He also thought that Savannah would be safe with him. Not that he trusted him. He just felt that he wouldn't dare to try anything.As for the cat, let's just say he tried to get rid of it after he had gotten the fuel. The little thing was meowing loudly, clawing at his suit that it woke up the hobo man. He instantly clutched the cat protectively in h
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Chapter 10
Their things were scattered everywhere. Savannah's goods were out from her bag into the floor. Her clothes laying around. Mr. Hernandez's bag she believed was in his car, but he had gotten a few of his necessities into their staying room as well. Mr. Hernandez looked livid as he gazed at the hobo man with hostile and anger, disgust clear on his face. 
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