10. Flying Machines!


We hurriedly left the kingdom after Malachi and Rune returned with clothing for me, the events of the attack still fresh in my mind. I couldn’t help but feel a mix of trepidation and curiosity.

Cassian, Malachi, and Rune seem to move with swift determination after the meeting with my father, but no one would tell me what exactly was discussed.

As we approach what appeared to be a hidden field, I notice a gleaming metallic structure in the distance. My heart skips a beat as the carriage draws closer and I am a confused mess as I try to comprehend what I am seeing.

My eyes widened with awe as I took in the gleaming metal body, the polished finish reflecting the sun’s soft light. The sight was unlike anything I had ever seen before; it stood like a majestic beast, large and imposing.

The carriage comes to a stop and we get out, all the while my eyes remain transfixed on the thing in front of me.

“What... what is this?” I stammer, my eyes wide with wonder as I gaze up at the metal
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Bella Jersey
We meet one ex lets see how this goes
goodnovel comment avatar
Hope that beta didn’t cause trouble for Reyna since he was involved with Rune.
goodnovel comment avatar
Emily Leiker
how is it that her kingdom has basically stayed in a stasis state & not evolved or technologically advanced at all?

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