All Chapters of My Secret, My Bully, My Mates.: Chapter 1 - Chapter 10
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Chapter 0001
Skylar just wants to be an asset to her pack. She's the daughter of the Beta and her brother is set to take the title after graduation. Her father wants nothing to do with her and is constantly belittling the things she does accomplish. She is the top of her class and the top warrior, but no one k
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Chapter 0002
Skylar Fall of 8th grade “Come back here you little b*tch.” A brunette goes flying by me with Barbie number 2, Jeanie, stomping after her awkwardly in her wedges and skirt so short and tight I wonder how she managed to keep all her bits covered making the smallest of movements, let alone attempted
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Chapter 0003
I can’t blame Kaley and her friends for tripping over themselves around the future Alphas and their friends, really. The guys are a year ahead of us in school and just came back from summer training. Since they will all take over for their fathers when they graduate high school, they have been doi
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Chapter 0004
Kaley, Jeanie and Marnie find some way to torture me every single day after that. Some days it’s small things like taking a book out of my hands and shredding it all over the hallway while kids just stand around and watch or the time they pulled my ten page essay out of the pile we were handing forw
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Chapter 0005
Sierra was a really good fighter, but so was I. She is really tall compared to me. She has to be like 5'7" and my 5' 1" stature can't compare, but we are built similarly which helps with learning the new movements. Her black sports bra and leggings accentuate all the tan and defined muscles in her
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Chapter 0006
“I really do want to know how you got that fast. And your moves are better than I have seen at some of the warrior camps back home.” My eyes snap to hers, eyebrows furrowed, she’s just being nice now. “Umm, okay. I really just train a lot, that’s all.” I didn’t know her enough to tell her about g
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Chapter 0007
The day actually went pretty smoothly, I didn’t even have any run-ins with Kaley and her crew. I wasn’t sure if that was because of the display this morning at training or the new friend I seemed to have acquired. No one talked to me or really looked at me, but no one actively tried to do anything
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Chapter 0008
Sam’s POV “She is here with her uncle and aunt while her parents are working for the Alpha King.” That got my attention. She who? Dad didn’t say anything about any girl visiting the pack. Just as that thought flitted across my mind the most drop dead gorgeous girl struts onto the training grounds
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Chapter 0009
Sam's POV “Come here you f*cker!” Mateo gets me in a head lock for a second before I wiggle free and take off running toward the truck. We all just ride together and get ready at the packhouse before school. Even though we are all neighbors, we’ve been doing it so long now that it’s just a habit.
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Chapter 0010
I’m not sure what they were talking about, but Skylar looks flustered and Sierra is trying to hide annoyance. I’m just not sure if she is annoyed with us or Kaley. I choose to ignore the princess wannabe and look right at Sierra. “You are a hard girl to keep track of. It’s nice to finally get to m
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