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I Swear, Let Me Love You Again Written by Okeke-Eze Ifeoma Isabella (Omaisabella) "How are you today Mrs Lydia?" Nurse Nia, who had been in charge of the blood transfusion since we began, asked with a smile as wore her gloves. "I'm okay." I replied tiredly and shook a bit as she inserted the needle after looking for an easy access vein. "You seem tired." She analyzed me but I just shrugged it off. I was tired physically, mentally, emotionally but everything was somehow going to get better. I really hoped so. As we were about to start talking, Doctor Fian and my husband entered the room. I grinned just looking at him in his blue suit and trousers. He was just so handsome and many would describe him as having the attributes of a Greek god. Every time I saw him, I realized why I loved him. "Lydia, how are you doing? Have you been taking all your vitamins and iron supplements?" Doctor Fian asked and I nodded in response feeling blood leave my body. "How are you Nathan?" I asked him
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Choosing Me
"Look, they are all minor cuts." I moved towards her, showing him the cuts. "Nothing too serious and you made me give my blood away for just this?"Nathan knitted his eyebrow staring at my proof and seemed genuinely taken aback while his mother remained surprisingly silent."What is she talking about Aubrey?" Nathan asked and I was a bit elated he was finally listening to me."I..I don't kn..know what's she talking about..The cuts might be minor but the pain is severe. I haven't even had time to check them with my eyes, the doctors simply said they were deep and since I didn't want to irritate myself by staring at them." Aubrey stammered out crying in between. His mother instantly comforted her while Nathan's look changed from surprise to annoyance. Annoyance probably channeled towards me for speaking the truth."Like why would you even say that? I'm literally here on the hospital bed fighting for my life and yet…" She trailed off speaking to me, more tears fell from her eyes."Don't
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This Is Me
Lydia’s povI took a look at the mansion one last time. I felt extremely pathetic that someone like me would let myself be played with like this.I should have sensed that. All these years, he never bothered to know me more and even the maids got more chances to see him than me. How could I be so naive to believe that such a cold man would ever treat me differently?No, he is not that cold. It’s just his tenderness was never for me... I was just a nobody…"Well, well, looks like you're finally leaving?" A voice filled with mockery came from my back and when I looked back I saw Dia, she is one of the maids. She glanced from my suitcase to my face. Lomi, another maid, stood next to her."Awww…I wanna say we are going to be so hurt and miss you but that will be a very nasty lie. If you go, who will do all our house chores?" Dia added."Is everything okay Mrs Lydia? Mrs. King asked us to pack your things." Lomi asked with sincere worry in her tone. I bit my lip to prevent myself from bre
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NATHAN'S POV:Sitting in the large room with eyes focused on the financial report while the CFO presented. I could hear him speak but I wasn't listening. I flipped through the document and ensured the finances were in place. My phone vibrated from my pocket rather than holding up till the end of the meeting to respond or check it like I usually do. I unlocked my phone in haste expecting a message from a particular someone who I haven't heard from for a few days now.I snorted in annoyance when I saw a message from one of my business partners. I dropped my phone on the table and snapped my eyes shut. Opening my eyes, I met everyone staring at me and the room dead dropped silent. Rolling my eyes at them, I wordlessly motioned for him to proceed."Are you alright sir?" 20 minutes later, the meeting came to an end. I nodded 'yes' in response to my assistant's questionAs we walked through the door, I took in the impressive view. The office was spacious and airy, with tall windows that o
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Divorce Papers
NATHAN'S POV:I was completely exhausted and drained and was about to head home after a long day. I had visited Aubrey and surprisingly the doctors had said she was slowly getting better and that added some light to my day. My happiness died down when I remembered it was all because of her that I lost Lydia and I still haven't heard a word from her."Hello?" I picked up my phone with an attitude while sitting in the back of Range Rover as the driver started the car."Watch your tone." She spoke sternly and I pursed my lips not really in the mood to hear her go off. My mum had been calling and texting all day and I hadn't replied because she always seemed to have the wrong word to say to set me off."Your sister is back! So let's have dinner tonight and I don't want to hear no buts." She hung up afterwards and I sighed deeply.My little sister, Rachel, had been out of the country for a while spending time with her boyfriend who I had not met. Rachel was literally my mum's twin, she loo
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Lost Her
NATHAN'S POV.I stared at my phone in disbelief. She really just hung up on me?? I sat there about to open the letter that she had left for me. Though I was dreading it, but, I needed to. As I slowly opened the letter, my mum barged into my office and shut the door behind her hastily."They are here." She whispered and I looked confused. "Your sister's boyfriend's family." I was completely thrown off but that. I had no idea she was even in a relationship."Hurry out. They are the Wilist Family and they own the largest construction company in this country. Can you just imagine how wealthy we would be if the two families merged?" She was simply excited and the amount of desire for her to amass wealth was oftentimes worrisome. "I will right there." I spoke flatly and she sucked her teeth in irritation mumbling how I was always so nonchalant and boring until she exited my office. I hid the letter back into my cabinet and exhaled deeply strolling out the room. Three new faces were added
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Jenny's Return
NATHAN'S POV. "So you're saying now that she's healed?" I questioned that doctor and he nodded with a huge grin on his face.We stood in front of Jennifer's room as the doctor filled me in on her improvement. She was wearing a pink Her blonde hair was packed up in a messy bun and she seemed healthier than I have seen her in the last few years."Yes sir. She just needs to be catered for and probably a nurse to come check on her every few weeks." I frowned at that, turning around to face him."A nurse to check on her improvements and blood count. Catered for in the sense that she needs to eat healthy and be monitored that she's indeed eating well." He explained seeing the look on my face and I nodded my head in understanding. I locked eyes with Jenny as she preferred to be addressed and she smiled from ear to ear."Nathan!" She squealed in excitement and ran to hug me. I gave her a tight-lipped smile and hugged her back."You're feeling better?" I inquired, breaking the hug and staring
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LYDIA’S POV."Have you made a decision?" My father asked the two of us to sit down for breakfast.Andrew looked at me through the corner of his eye waiting for my reply but I didn't have one."I don't know that, I'm still trying to figure it out but if you want me to work in the company then I guess I have no choice.""No Princess. I want you to be involved in the affairs of the company and know the in and out of everything. So you can finally take your place at the company. Or do you have something else you're interested in?" My father stared at me waiting for a reply. Andrew, who had his eyes on the plate before him, stopped to analyze me.Did I have something else I wanted to do? Nope, I had majored in business so I could work at my father's company. That was my only goal, to make my father proud in all aspects of my life. Luckily for me, he wasn't too hard on me either and he encouraged me all steps of the way."No, there's nothing else I'm interested in. I really do want to work
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Seeing The Mini Devil
Lydia's POV: I gathered my things and she flaunted her hands in my face. My eyes almost bulged out of their socket when I saw a diamond ring and I held her hand. "You're getting married?" I squealed in excitement and she nodded frantically with a smile on her face. "Yes, Darren proposed last month." Darren was her on and off boyfriend since college and he always seemed to be a player as he was an athlete. Hearing that he was finally acting right and putting a smile on my best friend's face brought me nothing but joy. We strolled downstairs and she filled me in on how he proposed at Eiffel Tower after her show in Paris. I smiled listening as the driver, Mr Fil, opened the back seat of the black Rolls Royce for us. "That had to be the happiest day of my life." She concluded and I chessed teasing her. "So where to?" Mr Fil asked, looking at us through the glass. ********** We arrived at the spa and I had gotten my nails painted in baby blue and cream. While we were meant to be cat
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Engagement Party
LYDIA’S POV.I sat in my dad's home office opening a bunch of files and books he had given to me to read about the company. He hadn't told me the position that was waiting for me at the company but he had slightly hinted on the position of the C.F.O. I was a bit giddy at the thought of being the Chief Financial Officer but I cautioned myself. Lorena and I were the same, we stayed delusion. Unlike me, her delusion became true. Tonight was the official engagement party and I had caught a few symptoms of pregnancy on her. Well not few but her constant cravings and nonchalance to eating anywhere without a care in the world. Either it was growth or my suspicions were right."Why was this large amount of money deposited into this account?" I asked myself squinting my eyes to see properly. Was there someone stealing from us? I thought to myself.Our family, The Millers, was prominent in the hospitality industry. We owned chains of famous hotels, restaurants, resorts and recreational center
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