07 — We can’t do this...

“Are you feeling better?” Julian's voice is soft and brings a cozy warmth to my chest, as does the mug between my hands.

I lift my eyes, staring at his worried expression. He's standing by the door, holding the doorknob with his big hands that make it practically disappear.

After he saw me crying, Julian brought me quickly into his office. The blinds were down, so no one could see how I was crying, even though the floor was really crowded.

Honestly, I feel so embarrassed for crying at work… But I simply couldn't help it. Knowing that Laura is pregnant… that she said things so mean… It really hit hard…

But I wipe my tears away and give him a comforting smile, clutching the cup in my hands… a delicious coffee that Julian picked up in an attempt to comfort me.

He closes the door and approaches me slowly, but his steps are wide, so it only takes a few secs before he's sitting down beside me. His body is so big that it seems to take up the whole couch…. And I feel his arm brush against min
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nice story

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